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Saint Anthony Coin Pendant


Saint Anthony Virtues:
Faith, Finding Love, Finding Lost Items

Keeping You Protected
Saint Anthony of Padua, also known as Saint Anthony the Wonder-Worker, is traditionally invoked as the patron saint of finding lost things and, to some extent, the patron saint of finding love. This association is rooted in various legends and stories that have circulated over the centuries. One popular story relates to a valuable book of psalms that Saint Anthony had. According to the legend, a novice who had left the order took the books of psalms with him. The book contained Saint Anthony’s notes and he needed it for his teachings. Saint Anthony prayed for its return, and miraculously, the novice had a change of heart and returned the book. Stories like this contributed to the widespread belief that Saint Anthony has a special ability to help people recover lost items, and even finding lost or misplaced love. People began to ask for his intercession in matters of the heart, including finding a suitable partner or reconciling with a loved one. 

14k gold Saint Anthony coin pendant with a high-polish portrait of Saint Anthony holding the child Jesus inscribed with the words "Saint Anthony Pray For Us." For divine guidance finding love or reuniting lost articles, this unisex pendant celebrates love over evil. Available in yellow gold only. 

The large pendant is slightly smaller than the size of a penny. Sold as pendant only. Chain available separately. 

Saint Anthony, saint of finding love and lost articles, your love for God and empathy for others made you worthy on earth to possess miraculous powers. Help us find the things we love but have lost, including that which is most precious - love itself. I humbly ask of you to help me find [love or name lost article] by whispering this hopeful petition to God. Amen.

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Saint Anthony Coin Pendant



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