Zoom 18k Saint Christopher Coin Pendant with Diamonds
Zoom 18k Saint Christopher Coin Pendant with Diamonds

18k Saint Christopher Coin Pendant with Diamonds


Saint Christopher Virtues:
Protection, Safety, Inspiration

Keeping You Protected
Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travelers. He is often associated with the idea of protection during journeys.  In today's world, where people travel extensively for work, leisure, and other purposes, the symbolism of Saint Christopher can still resonate with those seeking safety during their travels. Many people carry or wear Saint Christopher medals or symbols as a talisman for protection. For individuals with a strong Christian faith, Saint Christopher remains relevant as a symbol of faith and intercession. They may pray to Saint Christopher for safe travels and seek his guidance in times of journey or transition. The concept of protection and guidance is timeless, and people often look to Saint Christopher as sources of inspiration and reassurance in times of uncertainty. In the modern world, individuals face a range of challenges and concerns, and the idea of a protective figure can be a source of comfort.

18k gold Saint Christopher pendant surrounded by 0.27cts of sparkling white diamonds. Available in your choice of solid yellow, rose or white gold.

This pendant is approximately the size of a quarter. Sold as pendant only. Chain available separately.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for production.

Wear the Saint Christopher medal as a talisman for safe travel and everyday protection. This pendant also serves as a reminder of hope for overcoming obstacles. Those who wander are blessed, especially under the protection of Saint Christopher.

Saint Christopher, protector of travelers, watch over me as I journey through the world. Give your warning sign if danger is near so that I might stop and wait for the path to clear. Be at my side and direct me when my vision blurs or when storms threaten the passage. Carry me safely to my destination, as you carried Christ in your close embrace. Amen.

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18k Saint Christopher Coin Pendant with Diamonds



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