Slow down.
Across time and cultures the turtle is revered as a symbol of feminine power. Its shell protects like Mother Earth while its slow, steady pace exemplifies patience. Sarah Jane's grandpa used to say, "You only have so many heartbeats." That encouragement to slow down and enjoy life inspired Sarah Jane to create Sheldon. "Women really respond to the meaning behind the collection," says Sarah Jane. "Wearing the pieces is empowering. It's like giving themselves permission to relax."
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Sheldon Turtle Stud Set

Slow down and enjoy the evening with these designer turtle studs. 3/8" diameter. Sterling silver...


Sir Sheldon Carnelian Crazy 8 Bracelet

With hand-carved, woven "crazy 8" links surrounding your wrist, this turtle cuts a wide swath! Sir ..


Sir Sheldon Carnelian Earrings

You can almost hear the splash of Carnelian on these gentle, sterling silver turtle earrings, the ..


Sir Sheldon Carnelian Giant Pendant

It seems only fitting that something so close to your heart would appear as brillian..


Sir Sheldon Carnelian Guard Bracelet

Always be on guard! Sir Sheldon Carnelian and his two closest friends almost feel as though theyâ€..


Sir Sheldon Carnelian Ring

Sir Sheldon almost seems to be slowly making his way toward his next new friend as he adorns your ..


Sir Sheldon Crazy 8 Silver Turtle Bracelet

Stunning. Hand carved woven "eight-shaped" links are soldered together one by one and meet Sir Sheld..


Sir Sheldon Honor Silver Turtle Bracelet

An endearing teeny, tiny turtle rests peacefully on an over-sized turtle named "Sir Sheldon." All co..


Sir Sheldon Honor Turtle Necklace

This over-sized necklace is sure to remind you to slow down and enjoy life.  Two sterling turtles ha..


Sir Sheldon Large Sterling Silver Turtle Earrings

Sloooow down with these versatile Sir Sheldon Sterling Silver Large Earrings.  Earrings are availabl..


Sir Sheldon Silver Turtle Pendant - XLG

Embrace clean lines and symmetry when you wear this pendant. Turtle is approximately 1" diameter...


Sir Sheldon Silver Turtle Ring

A true statement is made when you wear this stunning all sterling silver ring turtle ring. Sheldon t..


Sir Sheldon Small Sterling Silver Diamond Turtle Necklace

Petite diamond Sheldon turtle is sure to help you slooooow down and enjoy life.  The all sterling si..


Sir Sheldon Sterling Silver Diamond Tickle Turtle Earrings

Slooow down in style with these sterling silver diamond turtle drop earrings.  A medium all silver S..


Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Garden Necklace

Wake up to the ever rare turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona.  Enjoy all of our favor..