The Honeycomb Collection

The Honeycomb Collection
Sometimes it takes family and friends to overcome obstacles in life.  Our Honeycomb Collections reminds us of how we are not alone and the importance of community in our lives.  Enjoy the sweetness of togetherness!
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Honeycomb Bracelet

As if circling their queen for protection and care, the Saint Honeycomb Bracelet spans 7½" to encas..


Honeycomb Earring

We often hear before we see, which is also true with nature and bees. These ¾" earrings fall softly ..


Honeycomb Necklace

The Saint Honeycomb Necklace rests close to the heart to remind us of home. Encased in a protective,..


Honeycomb Ring

When you reach out, the Saint Honeycomb Ring goes with you. Encased in a protective, sterling silver..


The Honeycomb Collection Set

One great price on the entire solid-sterling Honeycomb Collection...don't miss out!..