Saint by Sarah Jane

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Gift Certificate

Do you want to give some one the gift of Saint and let them choose the piece that is perfect for the..


Gladys Sterling Silver Ring

The Gladys woven ring in one of Saint's most treasured styles.  The basket weave pattern down the ce..


Goodnight Moon Owl Bracelet

Everyone needs a buddy, and when you look down at your wrist and see this owl perched in the moon, y..


Goodnight Moon Owl Ring

Enjoy this charming little owl, named Henry, nesting peacefully on a crescent moon ring shank. The o..


Grande Casa Cross Pendant

Gorgeous over-sized casa cross pendant that makes a stylish statement. All sterling silver with an e..


Grande King Otis Frog Pendant

Statement, statement, statement.  This pendant is amazing and will certainly remind you to celebrate..


Grande Otis Diamond Frog Pendant

Over-sized hand made sterling silver frog pendant outlined with handset sparking diamonds will spotl..


Grande Silver Bee Pendant

Surely the biggest bee pendant you have ever seen in your life! People just love this over-sized "gr..


Grande Silver Frog Pendant

This over-sized sterling silver frog pendant makes a delightful accent to your neckline. Approximate..


Grande Silver Ladybug Pendant

Over-sized ladybug pendant in all sterling silver. The simplistic and contemporary design of the lad..


Grandma Lola Diamond Ladybug Bracelet

A very imaginative design by Sarah Jane. This bracelet flaunts an over-sized ladybug with 18k wings ..


Grandma Lola Diamond Ladybug Ring

Just when you think we can't possibly make a bigger ladybug ring, Grandma Lola arrives! An 18K gold ..


Grandma Lola Diamond Pop Ladybug Necklace

Saint's largest ladybug, named "Grandma Lola," hangs from one of her smaller counterparts on a sterl..


Grandma Lola Garnet Silver Ladybug Bracelet

The seriously coveted Saint Grandma Lola ladybug is most unique when linked in between this double s..