Saint by Sarah Jane

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Skylar Diamond Flying Ladybug Earrings

These ladybugs were designed for ladies. Made with 18k gold wings spotted with diamonds and a sterli..


Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Garden Necklace

Wake up to the ever rare turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona.  Enjoy all of our favor..


Small Double Robyn Chain

Beautiful small scale egg shaped bead chain designed for a layered look. This sterling silver chain ..


Small Robyn Chain

Small sterling silver oval bead chain with lobster claw closure compliments many Saint pendants and ..


Snappy Herd of Turtles Bracelet

This delicate and stunning Snappy Herd of Turtles Bracelet features an array of se..


Snappy Skippy Bracelet

This beautifully simple Snappy Turtle Bracelet can be customized with your favorit..


Snappy Tina Earrings

Customize your Snappy Tina Earrings with a semi-precious stone of your choice! Ear..


Snappy Turtle ID Bracelet

With plenty of turtle-inspired detail throughout, this Snappy Turtle ID Bracelet is a must-have for ..


Snappy Turtle Necklace

This beautifully simple Snappy Turtle Necklace can be customized with your favorite semi-precious st..


Snappy Turtle Pendant

This stunningly simple Snappy Turtle Pendant is crafted of solid sterling-silver a..


Snappy Turtle Post Earrings

These solid sterling-silver turtles are just the right size for everyday wear. With a beautifully-se..


Snappy Turtle Ring

This beautiful and delicate sterling-silver snapper will be a constant reminder that slow and steady..


SOLD!!! Bobina Sweet as Honey Blue Topaz and Citrine Necklace

This necklace is sweet! Decked out in blue topaz and orange citrine stones, Bobina is presented as ..