Is Your Jewelry Ready for the Holidays?

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Hello Friends!

Have you been wearing your Saint Jewelry lately?   
Maybe you are the person who has a hard time taking your little animal and bug friends off.  It's funny how they start to connect with you, and when you aren't wearing them you miss them.  I like to wear Saint pieces with many other styles of jewelry from costume to precious, and many styles of clothing from blue jeans to cocktail.  Why not step out of the box of conformity, and put some personality into it.  Make your mark on fashion!    Do you layer your Saint pieces?  I sure do.  "Layer it up, I say!" 
We express ourselves through our jewelry every bit as through our cooking, writing, home decor, and choice of clothes.  I look forward to picking out my little friends with all my favorite outfits leading up to New Year's Eve!  I better get started, before I know it, we'll be counting down to 2018!     
This holiday season wear Saint for a festive splash of colorful, whimsical, artisan fun!
Don't have any Saint Jewery?  Well, what are you waiting for, write Santa asking for a ring or necklace today.  Be sure to be good between now and then.  Keep your fingers crossed, say your prayers, and hope that St. Nicholas brings some your way!

From our Saint Family to yours. ;)

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