Welcome good fortune.
Hold a ladybug in your hand, make a wish, and watch the direction in which she flies - for it points to your luck. Have one alight on you and cultures worldwide consider it an omen of good things to come. Collectors tell us that Sarah Jane's Ladybug pieces are wish fulfillers, too. Simply wearing these charming creatures with their diamond-spotted, golden wings makes you feel blessed.
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Baby Saint Charm Bracelet

Signature charms Betula Butterfly, Casa Cross, Sheldon Turtle, Delaney Ladybug, Annabelle Angel, Blo..


Delaney Coba Cabanna Ladybug Earrings

Ladybug drop earrings with diamond spots will bring you a lot of style and double the luck! Earrings..


Delaney Diamond Flying Ladybug Earrings

Another popular-selling earring amongst Saint collectors. Tickle your lobes with these tiny ladybug ..


Delaney Diamond Flying Ladybug Ring

A very popular style with Saint collectors, a wide silver band hoists a sweet little 18k gold diamon..


Delaney Doo Dah Ladybug Earrings

You'll be singing "dooh dah" when you wear these charming and whimsical diamond ladybug earrings aro..


Delaney Flying Ladybug Ring

A very popular style with Saint collectors, a wide silver band hoists a sweet little 18k gold lady..


Delaney Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Ladybug Earrings

Perfectly petite Delaney ladybug earrings are sure to bring you luck.  Ladybugs are approximately 3/..


Delaney Walter Diamond Ladybug Necklace

Petite and unique, this tiny 18k gold and diamond-spotted ladybug suspends from a thin sterling silv..


Delicate Delaney Ladybug Necklace and Earring Gift Set

This dainty and petite Delaney ladybug gift set is the perfect way to attract good fortune.  The set..


Delicate Ladybug Necklace

Dainty, petite and ever so sweet sterling silver necklace with a precious tiny ladybug charm. Standa..


Grande Silver Ladybug Pendant

Over-sized ladybug pendant in all sterling silver. The simplistic and contemporary design of the lad..


Grandma Lola Diamond Ladybug Bracelet

A very imaginative design by Sarah Jane. This bracelet flaunts an over-sized ladybug with 18k wings ..


Grandma Lola Diamond Ladybug Ring

Just when you think we can't possibly make a bigger ladybug ring, Grandma Lola arrives! An 18K gold ..


Grandma Lola Diamond Pop Ladybug Necklace

Saint's largest ladybug, named "Grandma Lola," hangs from one of her smaller counterparts on a sterl..


Grandma Lola Garnet Silver Ladybug Bracelet

The seriously coveted Saint Grandma Lola ladybug is most unique when linked in between this double s..