Follow your heart.
Thoroughbreds thunder around a track. These noble steeds are born to run. With hearts twice the size of an average horse's. Strides that are longer and faster than your eye can take in. Yet it's the will to win that gives a racehorse the edge. Sarah Jane created this line to honor her husband, best friend and ultra-long-distance runner, Art. A true champion.

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Churchill Downs Horse Necklace

Stylish equestrian-inspired necklace created using handmade soldered chain and sterling silver and 1..


Delicate Horseshoe Earrings

These Delicate Horseshoe Earrings feature solid sterling silver construction and a push back. This..


Delicate Preakness Horseshoe Pendant

Inspired by Sarah Jane's husband, Art, and his amazing will and strong heart, the Delicate Horsesh..


Kentucky Horse Bracelet Large

This over-sized diamond studded stir up bracelet with a blazing thoroughbred bursting through the ce..


Preakness All Bits are Off Horse Bracelet

Classic in scale and design-this equestrian stir up link bracelet is a wonderful addition to any equ..


Preakness Sweetheart Diamond Equestrian Necklace

Follow your heart in the Preakness Sweetheart Diamond Necklace.  Two sterling silver and 18k gold di..


Preakness Sweetheart Equestrian Bracelet

Simple and chic diamond-studded stirrup charms dangle tastefully from this sterling silver soldered ..


Preakness Sweetheart Horse Earring

Classic dangle horse stir up earrings with ruby and diamond accents. All sterling silver and 18k gol..


Preakness Woven Diamond Equestrian Ring

Follow your heart with the whimsical Preakness Woven Diamond Ring.  The woven band has two ster..