Lily our Giraffe represents truth, beauty and goodness from head to toe and from the inside to the outside.  From her alluring pattern to her lofty height, Lily reminds us of the gentleness and love our God has for all of His creation. 
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Lily Giraffe Baby Pendant

We all start out small and the Baby Lily Giraffe Pendant reminds us of our beginning in our role in ..


Lily Giraffe Mother and Child Necklace

The Lily Giraffe Mother and Child Necklace remind us how God chose to begin life through a mother's ..


Lily Giraffe Treetop Dangle Earrings

Fun, fun, fun!  These Lily Giraffe earrings dangle from the Lily Hoop and keep the conversation..


Lily Giraffe Treetop Stampede Bracelet

Love comes in bunches with Lily, especially in the Lily Giraffe Stampede Bracelet.  Truth, beauty an..


Lily Giraffe Treetops Pendant

Lily Giraffe stand tall among all creation serving as a reminder of the truth, beauty and goodness i..


Lily Giraffe Treetops Ring

The Lily Giraffe Ring will surely start up a conversation when Lily smiles upon onlookers!  Her 18k ..


Lily Giraffe Treetops Toggle Necklace

The Lily Giraffe toggle necklace with a working Lily toggle ring and toggle bar is a fun way to disp..