Welcome good fortune.
Hold a ladybug in your hand, make a wish, and watch the direction in which she flies - for it points to your luck. Have one alight on you and cultures worldwide consider it an omen of good things to come. Collectors tell us that Sarah Jane's Ladybug pieces are wish fulfillers, too. Simply wearing these charming creatures with their diamond-spotted, golden wings makes you feel blessed.
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Grandma Lola Garnet Silver Ladybug Pendant

Enjoy Grandma Lola for more than just the wonderful luck she brings you - but also as a chunky and l..


Grandma Lola Garnet Silver Ladybug Ring

Have a ball with this delightfully chunky and stylish ladybug ring sprinkled with faceted garnet gem..


Lola Diamond Flying Ladybug Pendant

Treat yourself to some bonus good fortune with this large sized diamond ladybug pendant. Approximate..


Lola Diamond Ladybug Necklace

Beautifully handcrafted and soldered chain links of sterling silver parade a medium-sized diamond-sp..


Lola Garnet Ladybug Earrings

Shiny silver and garnet spotted Lola ladybug earrings. Good luck will surround you through the day w..


Lola Garnet Ladybug Ring

Good luck will surround you through the day while wearing this eclectic ladybug ring. This all sterl..


Lola Lots Of Ladybugs Bracelet

Why have one ladybug when you can have lots of ladybugs? This bracelet links eleven Saint ladybugs, ..


Mega Charm Bracelet

For those who want it all right now! This sterling silver bracelet with Saint's signature "Cherrios ..


Mini-Mega Charm Bracelet

Meet the family!  This smaller version of the larger Mega Charm Bracelet is sure to be a conversatio..


Skylar Diamond Flying Ladybug Earrings

These ladybugs were designed for ladies. Made with 18k gold wings spotted with diamonds and a sterli..


Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Garden Necklace

Wake up to the ever rare turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona.  Enjoy all of our favor..