The Saint By Sarah Jane Key Jewelry Collection symbolizes Truth and the Truth will set us free!  A key holds the freedom to unlock and discover the Truth that can remain hidden unless one courageously seeks it.  Once found, the Truth is a cherished gift to be shared and spread to all!  Let one of Saint's Keys encourage and remind you to Seek the Truth today!
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Delicate Heart Key Earrings

Bring a touch of love to your lobes with our Delicate Key Heart post earrings...


Delicate Heart Key Pendant

The modest of our Keys at less than 1/2" across, the Delicate Heart Key opens the doors that connect..


Delicate Key Necklace and Earring Gift Set

The set includes a sterling silver key pendant on a dainty delicate chain and a pair of key post ear..


Friendship Key

A long and winding blade represents the path friends forge together. With an 18k gold signature Buzz..


Key of Life

A question some say is never answered, the Key of Life remains a symbol of our dreams yet to be unlo..


Limited Edition "Always Bracelet"

Let the Limited Edition "Always Bracelet" unlock the heart of someone special.  An 18k petite Buzz s..


Little Key of Big Faith

Big things really do come in small packages. The Key's bow presents a die cut cross to the touch, wh..