Big Ole Bee (B.O.B.) Collection

Big Ole Bee (B.O.B.) Collection

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Big Ole Bee (B.O.B.) Diamond Ring

B.O.B. - affectionately stands for "Big Ole Bee" - is exactly that: a big bee ring! For those who tr..


Big Ole Bee (B.O.B.) Nobility Tahitian Pearl Necklace

This Saint necklace features timeless Tahitian pearls combined with Saint's classic bee (B.O.B. stan..


Big Ole Bee (B.O.B.) Pendant With Diamonds - Gold

This "Big Ole Bee" pendant is made of solid 18k gold metal and sparkling diamond wings. A sophistica..


Big Ole Bee (B.O.B.) Sterling Silver Earrings

These Big Ole Bee earrings are solid sterling silver with an omega clasp back for ultimate security ..


Big Ole Bee (B.O.B.) Wanda Diamond Bracelet

Sterling and black lizard skin bracelet with an 18k gold and diamond winged bee named "B.O.B." (a.k...