Overcome obstacles.
Don't tell a bee that its small-sized wings make it aerodynamically incapable of flying. That would only slow it down. It has a hive to build, honey to make and a queen bee to tend. Put on a piece from Saint's signature Bee collection and something happens. You feel like you can do anything. You believe in yourself.
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Honeycomb Earring

We often hear before we see, which is also true with nature and bees. These ¾" earrings fall softly ..


Honeycomb Necklace

The Saint Honeycomb Necklace rests close to the heart to remind us of home. Encased in a protective,..


Honeycomb Ring

When you reach out, the Saint Honeycomb Ring goes with you. Encased in a protective, sterling silver..


Keegan Sterling Silver Devora Bee Bracelet

The keegan Devora bee bracelet combines the most classic of Saint styles; our signature woven handma..


Key of Life

A question some say is never answered, the Key of Life remains a symbol of our dreams yet to be unlo..


Limited Edition "Always Bracelet"

Let the Limited Edition "Always Bracelet" unlock the heart of someone special.  An 18k petite Buzz s..


Matisse Blue Topaz Barbarilla Bee Bracelet

Flaunting a cushion-cut Blue topaz gemstone, the woven bangle style bracelet catches a hint of whims..


Matisse Blue Topaz Monmarte Bee Earrings

Rectangular shaped, faceted blue topaz gemstones w/ 18k gold blossom detail elegantly dangle from Sa..


Matisse Blue Topaz Two Stone Paris Bracelet

Romanticize walking hand in hand with your sweet heart through the dream like streets of Paris while..


Matisse Paris Pendant

This style is equivalent to the luxury of wearing two pendants. An 18k gold bee accent is accompanie..


Matisse Turquoise Woven Hoop Drop Earrings

Gorgeous Arizona turquoise gemstones with dancing bee accents, elegantly dangle from small sterling ..


Mega Charm Bracelet

For those who want it all right now! This sterling silver bracelet with Saint's signature "Cherrios ..


Mini-Mega Charm Bracelet

Meet the family!  This smaller version of the larger Mega Charm Bracelet is sure to be a conversatio..


Myrna Hoop Bee Earrings

A new favorite among Saint collectors, these sterling silver wire hoop earrings are lightweight, sty..


Princess Rockelle Necklace

Fit for any princess, this elegantly designed necklace is waiting to adorn your neckline. Shown here..