Overcome obstacles.
Don't tell a bee that its small-sized wings make it aerodynamically incapable of flying. That would only slow it down. It has a hive to build, honey to make and a queen bee to tend. Put on a piece from Saint's signature Bee collection and something happens. You feel like you can do anything. You believe in yourself.
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Bobina Bee Earrings

These Bobina post earrings are beautifully dainty and crafted of solid sterling silver. Earrings mea..


Bobina Bee Hoop Earrings

This simple hoop and bee charm combination will grace your ears with an understated elegance. The Be..


Bobina Sparkle Drop Earrings

Oh how sweet!  Bobina dangles freely on a sterling silver hoop, a great alternative to the stan..


Bobina Sparkle Plaid Cuff

Who said bees were disappearing!  Bobina has found her Sparkle!  Let this little bee inspi..


Bobina Sparkle Plaid Drop Earrings

Who said bees were disappearing? They certainly aren't going out of< style! Here's another little..


Bobina Sparkle Plaid Ring

Bobina has never looked so stunning in with her new sparkles! Set firmly on a sterling silver woven ..


Bobina Sparkle Post Earrings

More bees please! Okay, try these sweet buzzing ladies from our Bobina line. A wonderful compliment..


Bobina Sparkle Wish Bracelet

Make a wish! The Bobina Sparkle Wish Bracelet will charm your wrist with with the beauty of nature'..


Bobina Sparkle Wish Necklace

Make a wish! Our little Bobina Sparkle reminds us we can overcome obstacles through perseverance, l..


Bobina Sparkle Wish Ring

Sweet little Bobina! Diamonds sparkle on the wings nestled nicely in 18k gold wings on a clean sterl..


Dancing Bee Blue Topaz Bee Earrings

Tickle your lobes with these luscious Sky Blue topaz gemstones in a favorite "Capri cut." We didn't ..


Dancing Bee Blue Topaz Bracelet

Vibrant Sky Blue topaz faceted gemstone dangles from an oval shaped solid sterling bracelet. Saint's..


Dancing Bee Blue Topaz Necklace

A small 18k gold bee rests sweetly on the edge of a richly hued Sky Blue Topaz faceted gemstone. Thi..


Dancing Bee Blue Topaz Ring

Saint's elegant petite bee is found dancing wildy above a delicious Capri-cut Sky Blue topaz gemston..


Darby Sterling Silver Devora Bee Bracelet

Let this bracelet remind you that you can do anything.  Saint's most popular bee, Devora, is the foc..