About Us

Mother Earth gives you roots. Saint gives you wings.

When you wear Saint, you wear the best. We use premium materials in our designer jewelry, 18-karat gold and sterling silver. We tap into a wide range of precious stones like diamonds and pearls to create pieces as distinctive as they are beautiful. A variety of faceted as well as cabochon cuts meld perfectly with the setting.

Inspired by nature, each motif offers a unique story and inspirational quality, bring each creature and piece to life.

Saint by Sarah Jane currently has jewelry in the following motifs:

Angel, Bee, Blossom, Butterfly, Cross, Dragonfly, Frog, Horse, Ladybug, Owl, Pig and Turtle

Gemstones include and are not limited to aquamarine, pink tourmaline, green tourmaline, London blue topaz, yellow beryl, amethyst, peridot, crystal quartz, red garnet, citrine, yellow sapphire, ruby, diamonds, white and Tahitian pearls. Just to name a few. Naturally, to protect your investment, all design motifs have a registered copyright.

Engage Life. Slip on Some Saint.

Each season, the house of Saint creates new keepsakes. Each new collection carries its own unique name and special meaning.

To fully understand Saint, you must put it on. The moment it touches your skin, you sense the quality of the solid 18-karat gold and sterling silver. You feel enriched by the meticulously cut gemstones: regal London blue topaz, luscious lemon-colored citrines, mystic Tahitian pearls and more. You marvel at the attention to detail from toggle closures carved in the form of honey spoons to hand-carved grill work with special messages that other designers overlook or disregard. Intuitively, you understand the yin and yang of Saint designs. The substantial quality and craftsmanship of the materials complement often playful concepts and whimsical designs.

Signature gemstones are cut, tumbled and hand finished as needed specifically for Sarah Jane's jewelry designs. Sarah Jane personally works with master gem cutters to ensure perfect integration with her designs. She concentrates on color, size, shape and character. The variations in these natural gemstones help make each piece one-of-a-kind.

These expertly finished gems combine with the handcrafted artistry found in Saint's U.S.-based studio. We carve all designs by hand and duplicate them using the ancient (2600 B.C.) art of the lost-wax process. We complete each subsequent step of the manufacturing process by hand. We even handset the gemstones in our studio. You can count on each unique piece of handcrafted fashion jewelry being a treasured keepsake or valued gift.