Our Lady of Guadalupe Pendant

Our Lady of Guadalupe Pendant

At dawn on December 9, 1531 near Mexico City, Our Blessed Lady appeared to Saint Juan Diego and made known her desire that a Shrine be built to bear witness to her love, compassion, and protection. She sent him to Bishop Juan de Zumarraga in Mexico City to make the request but he was dismissed several times before being asked for a sign. The sign came on December 12 when, after gathering fresh roses from the frosty summit of this normally barren hill, Juan Diego ran to the Bishop holding the castilian roses in his tilma (cloak) to give his account. To the Bishop's amazement, after opening his tilma, there painted upon it was the image of Our Lady exactly as she appeared to Jaun Diego on the Mount. This is now known as “The Miracle of the Pink Roses.”

In honor of this miracle and Our Lady's appearance the Our Lady of Guadalupe pendant is the newest in the lineup of Saint pendants. Featuring an image of Our Blessed Virgin Mary with Juan Diego at her feet and 12 stars, six on the front and six on the back. Crafted of solid sterling silver, it measures 1.3” wide, 1.91” high and 0.16” deep.

*Chain not included. See our selection of chains here.

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No stamped metal pieces. No inferior materials. Everything you see is hand-crafted and made right here in the U.S.A.

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